Message From Managent –Trustee Dr.Kavitha Subramanian M.Com,M.Phil,Ph.D.,LLB

KVS is the youngest among the Institutions within the fold of the Karpaga Vinayaga Educational Trust. We owe it to the love and goodwill of the enlightened public and the members of the Parent Teacher Associations of J.J. Institutions and some of our beloved alumni who suggested the starting of a school. Now children can proceed from LKG to Ph.D. in our Sivapuram Campus.

The School has registered remarkable growth within 5 years. Children are the assets of the nation, not just the darlings of their parents. Our approach to education is based on an awareness of both these factors. We try to tap the innate creative energy in children through songs, music, dance, oratory, drawing and painting , modeling , etc. As a result, every child gets his / her niche at KVS.

The staff take positive interest in every child and indentify the special talents of each. Children learn good habit from the group and through imitation and role play.

In the Higher Standards, we encourage self learning under expert motivation and monitoring. In a sense, Learning is acquired, not imparted Students get enough attention and their learning habits are nurtured through practice and tested through assignments, test papers and group work. There are also opportunities for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Our students have won laurels in Inter Zonal, State level and National level competitions.

Learning at KVS is a pleasurable adventure. We welcome you to be part of it.