Founder's Message

Sri S.Regupathy Former Minister- Govt of India and Govt-of Tamilnadu

My greetings to all parents and children!

We at the Karpaga Vinayaga Educational Trust (KVET) are happy that we have started a Higher Secondary School. The fact that we started with Colleges and then thought of a school is a pointer to our realization of the complexity of the task of educating young children. It requires a whole new mindset to initiate children to the process of learning.

They come to us with an open mind, the joys and fears of innocence. They carry the hopes of their parents. So it is vital that the Management should be sensitive, sensible, accommodative and resilient.

This realization is reflected in our Vision and Mission statements. We seek to impart learning, perfect learning with pleasure. Thus we embody and go beyond Valluvar's diktat

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we add

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Our objective is to kindle in young minds a love for learning, a basic respect for the teacher and impart skills that would promote habits of self culture. We believe in holistic man-making education and so offer opportunities for the development of the body, mind and spirit. We seek to instil in children good social habits and the spirit of tolerance, good will and cooperation. We hope the enlightened public would be with us in our endeavour.